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Support culture at the International Art Festival 2012
February 14, 2012

For the very first time, the FIA will have a “Museum and Gallery Route” where visitors can appreciate 35 projects made by 181 local and international artists from 34 countries

If you would like to know more details about the activity program of the FIA 2012, you can check the Facebook profile of the event.

Do you like music, dance, theater, literature or films? Hotel Parque del Lago, with the perfect location, offers you the best place to stay for the International Art Festival 2012 (FIA), which comes with 10 days full of art and culture, where the streets, avenues and theaters of the capital will offer performances from local and international artists.

This XIII edition of the FIA is taking place from March 15th to the 25th, and will have the participation of South Korea as guest country, which is representing its culture and folklore through music and plastic arts. The main course of musical artists is: Calle 13, Alan Parsons and Pedro Aznar.

The event will have around 320 shows, including theater, dance, music and circus performances, parades, puppets and storytellers, which are divided in 64 local artists and 107 international artists.

This year, the two headquarters for the event will be La Sabana Metropolitan Park and Parque de la Libertad (in Patarra), where scenic arts, music and literature will start on March 15th.

March 16th will be the day of the official opening with fireworks and the concert of the Puerto Rican band Calle 13, at La Sabana.

The concert stage of La Sabana (this year it won’t be placed in the lake because of the reforestation process of the park) is presenting artists like: Calle 13, Pedro Aznar, RCO Brass, Alan Parsons Live Project and many others.

Novelty of the FIA 2012

For the very first time, the FIA will have a “Museum and Gallery Route” where visitors can appreciate 35 projects made by 181 local and international artists from 34 countries, such as: Mexico, Spain, United States, El Salvador, Chile, Argentina and Cuba, among others. This Museum and Gallery Route will display more than 602 objects.

As part of its activities, the FIA 2012 is offering a parade that has generated a lot of positive comments in other countries. “Los Caballos de Menorca” will march through San Jose to offer a show that has delighted children, young people and adults from countries like Mexico, Belgium, Germany, France and Spain.

This show is a personal vision of the Menorca celebration, where 4 actors and actresses are in charge of bringing to life these wooden horses, representing their beautiful and majestic silhouette.

Activity program FIA 2012

- Calle 13 (Puerto Rico, March 16th)
- Rodolphe Burger and Dupuy and Berbérian (France, March 15th)
- La Toma (Colombia, March 17th)
- Quai N.5 (France, March 17th)
- Aguasala (Colombia, March 19th)
- Joaquin Asiain, Tenor & Stuttgarter Quintet (Spain and Germany, March 17th-21st)
- Benjamin Hermans (Holland, March 17th, 19th and 20th)
- Tal Kravitz (Israel, March 18th-22nd)
- Costa Rica’s Big Band and Unibigband from Liepzig (Costa Rica and Germany, March 20th)
- Troker (Mexico, March 20th)
- Electrocalipso (Costa Rica-France, March 17th)
- Mario Ulloa and David Guedes (March 22nd and 24th)
- RCO Brass (Holland, March 22nd and 23rd)
- El Junco (Spain, March 22nd and 23rd)
- Miguel Cantillo (Argentina, March 24th)
- Feten Feten (Spain, March 24th)
- Pedro Aznar (Argentina, March 24th)
- Humberto Primogerio (Argentina)
- Alan Parsons Live Project (England, March 25th)

- Hermanos Infocundibles (Spain, March 24th)
- Abrego producciones (Spain, March 16th and 17th)
- Integro (Peru, March 16th)
- Teatro Cielo (Ecuador, March 19th-21st)
- Escena Norte, Teatro Bambu, Rayuela (Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, March 18th and 19th)
- Yerevan Statet Puppet Theatre (Armenia, March 23rd and 25th)
- Teatro Circular (Uruguay, March 17th and 18th)
- La Trinchera (Ecuador, March 20th and 21st)
- Teatro de los oficios (Dominican Republic, March 16th and 17th)
- Lume Teatro (Brazil, March 24th and 25th)
- La Navaja de Ockham Foundation (Colombia, March 20th)
- Imagenes Teatro (Colombia, March 20th and 21st)
- Maria Sureda (Argentina, March 22nd and 23rd)
- Guindalera (Spain, March 25th)
- Gotera de Lazotea (Spain, March 18th and 20th)
- Elia Arce (United States, March 19th)
- Grupo Sotzil (Guatemala, March 23rd and 24th)

- Lux Aeterna (United States, March 23rd and 24th)
- La cuna del swing (Costa Rica, March 25th)
- Jonathan Miro Flamenco Company (Spain, March 17th, 18th and 19th)
- Ivan Fatjo (France, March 21st and 22nd)
- Compañia Nacional de Danza (El Salvador, March 20th)

- National Symphonic Orchestra with the Korean director Nan-se Gum
- Pop-opera (electronic cello)
- Namdasang/B boy/ K Tiger Taekwondo
- Music for One (with Manuel Obregon as musical guest)
- Haegumplus with Editus

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