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50 meters East of La Sabana Park, Paseo Colon, San José, Costa Rica
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San Jose news
San Jose, a destination full of attractions
December 23, 2011

Enjoy the diversity of activities and places that are very important for Costa Rica.

For all the tourists that wish to visit the country or would like to come back, when arriving to Costa Rica you shouldn’t go straight to the beaches or the mountains. Parque del Lago recommends you include in your itinerary different cultural activities and important places of the country.

One of the first options visitors have is the Parque Morazan, where the Templo de la Musica (Temple of Music) is located, known for its almost perfect acoustic.

This Temple has been used for political speeches and even for power exchanges. Currently you can enjoy performances by the National Symphonic Orchestra and contemporary music groups.

In front of the Morazan there’s one of the most important buildings in San Jose, the Edificio Metalico (Metallic Building), built with 1.000 tons of steel in 1890 by a Belgian architect.

This building creates an impressive contrast between nature and a product of human creation. It was inspired by the Eiffel Tower with an industrial design that was made piece by piece.

The National Theater, the main theater of Costa Rica, located between the Central and Second Avenues, represents the Costa Rican decision of taking actions and the economic stability back in the time when it was built.

Besides working as a theater with scheduled shows, it’s a tourist attraction during the weekends, every hour. Inside the theater you can have a cup of coffee in the cafeteria or buy a souvenir in the gift shop.

You won’t believe your eyes while observing the magnificent front of the Theater, with the statues of Music, Fame and Dance, which create an amazing feeling.

Here you can appreciate first-quality presentations of renowned local and foreign artists.

If you’re anxious for going shopping, eating and feeling the local culture, don’t forget to visit the Central Marketplace, located right in middle of the social life of San Jose. It’s a simple delight for anyone who wants to get immersed in the unique atmosphere of Costa Rica.

If you come here, sit and relax while you observe the dynamics of daily life of many Costa Ricans. Become part of the locals and get involved in conversations, gossips, stories and jokes that people tell during lunchtime, so you can take with you the real essence of Costa Rican. Visit the Central Marketplace and discover it!

Remember the Hotel Vivo Parque del Lago is your entrance and exit doorway to the country, giving you all the comfort and amenities you need during your stay.

Parque del Lago is your best choice because it’s located a few minutes away from the center of San Jose, the perfect starting point for tourism. This hotel will definitely make your stay the most memorable.

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